What is the Chevrolet Discover the Unexpected Fellowship?

The Chevrolet Discover the Unexpected (DTU) Fellowship is a VIRTUAL-HYBRID summer fellowship in partnership with the National Newspaper Publisher Association. Six HBCU students will be selected to work with NNPA newspapers as content creators. Over the course of ten weeks, each fellow will have the chance to create digital content and write articles about the benefits of electric vehicles for various social media outlets, while being mentored at a Black-owned media company. Each fellow receives a $10,000 scholarship and a $8,000 stipend.

Who is eligible to apply for the Discover the Unexpected Fellowship?

You must be between 18 (19 if residing in Alabama) and 22 years old to be eligible. You must be enrolled in a Historically Black College & University by the application deadline.

Am I still eligible for the $10,000 scholarship if I’m an HBCU graduating senior?

As a graduating senior the $10,000 scholarship can be applied to any outstanding HBCU student loans and/or post-graduate education tuition for any accredited college or university.

What should my video submission include?

Your video submission is your opportunity to tell us who you are, express your creativity, and show us your digital content creator skills. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Why would you be an asset to Chevrolet and the 2023 Discover The Unexpected fellowship?
  2. How will you use your content creation skills to amplify innovative electric vehicles for Chevrolet?
  3. What message(s) do you believe Black communities need to hear about electric vehicles?
Do I need a driver’s license to be eligible?

Yes. Driving a Chevrolet vehicle may be a part of the fellowship; therefore you are required to have a valid and clean U.S. driver’s license.

My major field of study is not in journalism. Am I eligible?

Yes. We encourage all applicants who are multi-media savvy, have strong writing skills, have a passion for storytelling, and want to promote positivity in Black communities to apply.

I am not a U.S. citizen. Am I still eligible?

Yes, Canadians and other foreign nationals are eligible to apply. However, the program does not sponsor visas or pay for travel from outside the U.S. If you have (or can obtain independently, not based on acceptance into the program) a visa that would allow you to work for six months starting in June 2023, you qualify for the program.

When is the deadline?

All application materials must be received by April 7, 2023, at 11:59 pm PST.

How many work samples should I send?

Send only your best work and enough to give the judges an idea of your range and abilities. Think practically. How a previous news organization played or presented your stories is less important than the content itself. Do not submit double-bylined material.

How many Fellows will be selected for the Discover the Unexpected program?

Eleven Fellows (six journalism and five marketing) will be selected to work with NNPA newspapers.

What is the judging process?

A select group at GM, NNPA, and Carol H. Williams Advertising will screen and evaluate completed Fellowship applications and select 11 finalists.

Key components in the Discover the Unexpected Fellowship application include:

  • Completed application
  • Resume with GPA and references
  • Writing and professional work samples
  • Video submission
How is the application submission evaluated?

Primary attention is given to the quality of submitted work samples, writing skill, and resume.

Can my experience with the Fellowship be applied as college credit?

The Fellowship may comply with your local university’s regulations. Please check with your particular college.

What are the expectations of the Fellows selected?

Working for a newspaper, all fellows, including those interested in video/broadcast journalism, are expected to have strong writing skills to support print, digital, and social media assignments. Fellows are expected to work well both individually and in team environments.

Is this a marketing program?

Yes. The Discover the Unexpected fellowship was created by Chevrolet to demonstrate their support of HBCUs and provide a group of promising students with potential access to a vehicle during the fellowship to highlight their experiences through social media content creation.

How are the fellows compensated?

The $8,000 stipend is delivered in two parts: the first half is distributed on or before the beginning of the DTU fellowship and the second half is awarded mid-way through the summer. A $10,000 scholarship is provided after the program during the Closing Ceremony to the fellows who have completed the program.



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