Week Three: Ready For Adventure

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By Sharon Washington

This has been an adventurous week for our team. We got to cover another movie premiere, and it was a lot better than the first premiere we attended. It is clear that we have grown as a team and have developed in our crafts. I am currently producing four projects, and it is a lot of work. Preparing all the scripts for the different stories is stressful. I love everything I’m working on, but I also work best when I can focus and research on one project, so I’m learning how to multi-task quickly.

The upcoming Go-go documentary we are working on keeps me up at night with excitement. I’m learning so much about the depth of the local culture of D.C., and I’m learning about the passion the Black community has for their culture and how they want to preserve it. I’m very excited to finish this mini-documentary, and I want everyone who sees it, to feel educated and empowered.

Hello Chicago!

With my first two years completed at North Carolina A&T I have had on-campus experiences pertaining to writing news, interviewing and developing journalism skills. But I’ve never had the opportunity like the one Chevy Discover The Unexpected has given me this summer, to not only travel the country and develop genuine connections, but to also learn about our Black communities and the triumphs and downfalls that occur within them, that are rarely shared on a broader scale in the mainstream media.

Hello Chicago!

Since the beginning of the journey I wanted the experience itself to be my “thank you” to the program coordinators. I treat each assignment, opportunity and encounter as a “thank you.” From delving into the depths of “The Green Book” and its comparison to our travel experience, to attending city press briefings I’ve learned that the way that we say “thank you” is through what we produce.

Hello Chicago!

Since starting with the Chevrolet Discover the Unexpected program, I have done many things I had not had the luxury of doing before. Driving the new Chevy Blazer that is part of the intern benefit, I have traveled and seen so much of the country I might never have seen. I have acted in commercials for Chevrolet and eaten crab cakes with celebrities DJ Envy and Fonzworth Bentley. It is just unbelievable how a year of hard work can take you places that you never dreamed of going.

Interns start at the Crusader

Tedarius Abrams, Sharon Joy Washington and Elae Hill are three young future journalists from HBCUs who started their internships with the Chicago Crusader on Monday, July 8. Blessed with a string of perfect summer weather, they have crisscrossed the city over the last three days, taking selfies at the Bean at Millennium Park and the Riverwalk, to marveling at the mansions of Obama, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan and boxer Muhammad Ali.

Customers pick up final print edition of the Chicago Defender

Wednesday, July 10 marked the final print edition of the historic Chicago Defender. At some Walgreens stores in the city, customers stopped in just to buy the iconic newspaper for one last piece of nostalgia.

Life At The Chicago Crusader

Our first assignment for The Chicago Crusader was to attend the press briefing that Mayor Lori Lightfoot held for news publications in the area. It was inspiring to watch her control the room and exert her power as the first Black female mayor of such a prominent city. She even gave us a shout out!

Getting A Piece Of Chicago

My first week working for The Chicago Crusader was fantastic. I got to broadcast on the “Talk of Chicago” radio station, I covered a youth all-star game and participated in one of Chicago’s major summer events, The Taste Of Chicago.

Week Five: A New Flavor

Week 5 in Chicago was beautiful. My team got to see many historical sights in the city including Ida B. Wells’ house. We also met Reverend Jesse Jackson which was inspiring.

A Memorable Week

This past week was very memorable for our team as we finished our month long story on The Green Book. We conducted final interviews with Dr. Chavis and Dr. Shantella Sherman, and wrapped up our story with one day to go

Week Three: Ready For Adventure

I just want to say how much I’ll miss The Washington Informer staff, especially, Mrs. Rolark Barnes and Dr. Sherman. They are both fantastic. We were greeted so warmly by the staff at The Crusader with packets, business cards, and press passes. They are serious about their jobs, and I can’t wait to get to work for them.



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