Life After Discover The Unexpected

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By Tiana Hunt

My Discover the Unexpected experience at the Louisiana Weekly newspaper was very influential to my life. I was fresh out of Clark Atlanta University and I was looking for an opportunity to produce current and cultural news stories. The Louisiana Weekly gave me the opportunity to write and report my own stories.

Once I was finished with the DTU experience, I started my Masters in Journalism at Columbia University. A lot of the skills and tools that I obtained during my DTU experience helped me become a better writer and reporter.

Working on my master thesis, “Can Nonverbal People With Autism Speak One Day” was very rigorous. I had to interview numerous experts about technology and techniques that could help produce speech in nonverbal autistic people. My thesis was very personal to me because my younger brother Trevon Hunt has autism and is nonverbal. His speech has progressed greatly, but I still believe with proper learning and training, one day he will speak.

In May 2017, I graduated with my Masters in Journalism from Columbia University. Coming from an Ivy League school, I had various job offers. But I decided to teach English in Beijing, China for a few months. Living in China was difficult because there were so many cultural differences. When I would catch the subway to work so many Chinese would take photos of me or ask to take a selfie. The school I worked for gave me the freedom to travel across China to teach English to Chinese students between the ages of four and ten. The students were always excited to learn phrases, colors, animals, etc. At the end of each class, I had to take photos with all the Chinese faculty and the students. Sometimes I felt like I was being exploited because I am a darker-skinned, African-American woman. Before I started teaching English, I signed a contract that I was comfortable with taking photos at all the schools. The salary I was making in China was far more lucrative than any entry-level job positions in journalism I was offered back in The States.

In April 2018, I moved back to Atlanta, Georgia and I have been freelancing for different newspapers and updating my newsreel. My goal is to be a sports news reporter in Atlanta by January 2020, and I am currently applying for Ph.D. programs.

DJ Envy’s Wisdom

I wish that the Chevrolet DTU program had existed when I was in college. I know it will play an important role in kick-starting these current DTU Fellows’ careers in journalism and media. I believe this experience can empower these young journalism students to reach the next level in their careers.

American-made Excellence

GM has a rich history of automotive innovation. For 20 years, Innovating Connected Emergency Services has proven to be an asset to all automobiles.

Why I Chose to Be a Mentor for the “Discover the Unexpected” Program

This program gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to put what they have learned to work in real time at some of the most powerful press outlets in the nation. In a global economy where work experience is increasingly important, this program gives individuals who have matriculated through these prestigious universities not only a jump start on their careers, but it also invests in them as a network of untapped entrepreneurial talent.

Houston Airwaves: A Summer Breeze

I had an experience of a lifetime this weekend when my team was invited to one of the biggest radio stations in Houston, Majic 102.1. The conversation on air was a breeze and even comical at times. After the interview, I got the chance to see how much work is actually put in producing a radio show.

Keeping Busy In The Chi

With my first two years completed at North Carolina A&T I have had on-campus experiences pertaining to writing news, interviewing and developing journalism skills. But I’ve never had the opportunity like the one Chevy Discover The Unexpected has given me this summer, to not only travel the country and develop genuine connections, but to also learn about our Black communities and the triumphs and downfalls that occur within them, that are rarely shared on a broader scale in the mainstream media.

Coast To Coast: L.A. To Chicago

After getting back to Chicago, my team and I prepared to attend ComplexCon, a convention hosted by a leading urban magazine. It is a leading convention in showcasing what’s trending in mainstream culture. It was a nice experience, but I realized that I’m not in touch with popular culture. From the fashion down to the hottest new artist(s), I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for the past few years. And you know what, I don’t care.

I Could Make Chicago a Thing

The Chicago Crusader has shown us a great time, and they have also been challenging me to do things that I am not naturally comfortable with. I’m actually a published journalist now, which is crazy because I am not a great writer, but it is still cool to say that some of my work has been published.

A Message to The Chevy DTU Fellows: Boot Camp Opening Remarks

Introducing Michelle Matthews-Alexander, Multicultural Marketing Manager at General Motors. Michelle has dedicated her career to enhancing major corporations’ relationship with diverse communities. Since joining GM in 2015, Michelle has not only advocated for, but helped spearhead Chevrolet’s Discover the Unexpected Journalism Fellowship program. In partnership with the National Newspaper Publishers Association, she and Chevrolet have invested in the future of Black Journalism while simultaneously supporting students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Now in its fourth year, the 2019 Chevrolet Discover The Unexpected program continues to provide opportunity to young journalists as they work to tell the stories that matter.

Life After Discover The Unexpected

My Discover the Unexpected experience at the Louisiana Weekly newspaper was very influential to my life. I was fresh out of Clark Atlanta University and I was looking for an opportunity to produce current and cultural news stories. The Louisiana Weekly gave me the opportunity to write and report my own stories.

Getting Started With The Houston Forward Times

First week in Houston is in the books, and I wrote my first cover story! On the first day in the office, we got breaking news about a press conference that would be happening the next morning on some recent killings of innocent children in the Houston area.



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